Autism Coaching & Consulting (ACC)

  • The blend of techniques we offer for Autism parent coaching:
    • How to play and connect better with your child
    • Establish a shared home game strategy with all caregivers
    • Be a knowledgeable thought partner to support you with communication, self-help, social skills, and behavior improvement objectives in home environment
    • We explain all the technical jargon and transform it into something that is simpler to understand using lots of analogies
    • Find balance to learn, but not become overwhelmed with too much information
  • We are a trusted ally that looks to solve many of the parents’ pain points of:
    • Having to weed through mountains of information to decide therapy options for your child
    • Frequently driving to different providers, getting conflicting information and lack of cohesion amongst providers on best course of treatment
    • Losing time and precious energy looking for quality, fact based information
    • Dealing with all the stress of insurance and continuing treatment
    • Lack of quality resources in your area


Gold Subscription   
Free access to all webinars
Individualized coaching 1 hour every six weeks
Review your 3-page home intervention program
3 emails a month. Will return emails within 3 business days
Once a month special group Q and A webinar
Yearly online group training for family 
15% discount for indivdual coaching (minimum 3 hours or more)
Platinum Subscription - Most popular
Individualized coaching 1 hour every three weeks  
Assist in making 3-page plan and yearly update  
Quarterly 1-page report on goals for next quarter  
Yearly emails to all care providers and teachers  
Stable curriculum with specific goals in home environment  
Recommend apps and technology improvement  
Concierge Subscription
2 hours coaching from BCBA and access to other Autism related providers    
We use previous paperwork and craft a special 4-page plan    
Access to wellness program from Balance Lifestyle Coaching ($2000 value)    
1 social story on topic of your choice each quarter    
We give you questions to ask new provider to determine their expertise    
We assist with research for Autism related pain points     

Gold Subscription Mom hug and carry her son. Preparing to send her children back to school in morning. Mother playing with kids. Education and Back to school concept. Happy family and Loving of people theme

(Includes) $159 a month - 30-day notice, cancel any time. Benefits include:

Gold subscription - Helps families who need minimal supervision and looking to maintain and steadily improve their current system. For $59 it covers the (2) impactful webinars each month, plus you receive useful templates and a provider you can rely to provide quality answers and advice about your child. Each month has themes to keep you highly engaged in the material and email access to experienced providers.

  • Assessment help in first 14 days to maximize treatment objectives. We provide a template and review your 3-page home intervention program to give you a solid foundation of objectives for each quarter.
  • 2 detailed emails a month to answer specific questions. We will return emails within 3 business days.
  • Once a month special group Q and A webinar of essential topics, positive encouragement, energy inclusive celebration. Get to meet other parents and share all your positive and challenging experiences
  • Autism checklist/developmental milestones tracker to determine what skills you can improve with your child as they get older. We keep track of your data for that quarter and measure progress.
  • Quarterly 2-page report to review for next quarter and any practical information to aid the family
  • 15% discount for any coaching with 3 hours minimum purchase. Great when you need occasional advice and can purchase any time

Platinum Subscription african american family at home, mom and children            

1 hour coaching every 3 weeks/webinars $299 (Most popular subscription)

Platinum subscription – Our most popular package gives families stable coaching to keep your child growing at home. Coaching helps empower families with better knowledge and the comfort of knowing they can talk to someone with extensive Autism experience each month. Great for families helping child improve communication, reduce interfering behaviors and increase independence.

  • We collect all your previous assessments, data sheets, behavior plans and compile in an easy-to-use format to see how the child is progressing with his/her programming
  • We co-write initial 3 page program with you giving positive feedback to make your 3-page plan successful and built for your needs
  • Do positive roleplay to improve in your capacity to connect better with your child with simple games and communication strategies
  • Recommend apps and technology improvement to enhance efficiency in home environment
  • We will show examples of how to make sensory kit at home to help your child decompress and practices to make an atmosphere for Autism friendly
  • Give information on setting up activity kits to help your child learn in a natural and entertaining way
  • Yearly emails to all providers and teachers to ensure continuity and have the ability to share information to all key people in your child’s life.
  • 4 detailed emails a month to answer specific questions. We will return emails within 3 business days.
  • Once a year group training on Zoom for siblings, grandparents, and other people in a child’s life.
  • Access to any available talks Autism coaching and consulting is doing that quarter

Entire family wellness plan     ing 17215 15240

2 hours of coaching/webinars plus amenities for $429 a month. Limited availability

Concierge subscription – Our deluxe subscription aims to iron out most parent pain points and frustrations with finding quality therapy and resources. It is an exclusive program that we have limited spaces to provide the highest attention to help for families who want to drastically improve the home environment. 2 hours of coaching each month where some hours can be spent for any of Autism coaching and consulting’s contracted providers. Examples are nutritionist, professional counseling, speech pathologist, occupational therapy, special needs fitness instructor and more.

  • We use your previous paperwork and after meeting; we craft the 4-page program and update quarterly
  • The wellness program is an excellent way to help both you and your child. A family wellness is the best path for a child’s ultimate success.
  • We custom build a play package to help you improve play with your child with activities you like such as yoga, dancing, and mutual fun activities
  • 1 social story on topic of your choice
  • Our program can help explain insurance with an experienced and certified medical biller
  • We help keep your data organized send monthly reminders of how often you want to look at progress in different areas.
  • We help vet new providers and what questions to ask to gauge provide expertise. Once you choose a provider, we can communicate with them to reduce time to get to know child.
  • Help with school IEP or ARD help and what questions to ask. (We do not attend ARD’s)
  • We have a detailed screening process for this subscription. Schedule a time below to begin the screening process

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