Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for your interest in Autism Coaching & Consulting.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact us for more information.

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  • Inclusiveness and communication from those that are neurological diverse. Each brain is a fantastic entity all of its own and should be accepted and appreciated.
  • Those who are on Autism spectrum need to have a stronger voice in how best to guide treatment. We are too slow to include them in conversations about best treatment options and we need to listen to the positive and negative experiences of current treatments.
  • Functional job employment that is sustainable. There are many adults on the Autism spectrum, with limited job opportunities available. It is supporting businesses to be more inclusive and providing adequate resources to support the transition to the workforce.

Besides Autism, we also work with other special needs such as ADD; ADHD; down syndrome, cerebral palsy, global delay, and other low incidence disabilities. We take all client’s case by case and can determine eligibility after a phone screener call.

Our company is a perfect bridge between therapy and what happens at home. We are a great compliment to therapy and can help you better understand behavior intervention plans, communication goals, or sensory needs of your child. We spend the quality time that most providers cannot maintain answering all your questions and giving you more confidence and knowledge so you can best advocate for your child.

We love to give honest advice and positive feedback during our coaching sessions. We use appreciative inquiry and helping people realize their strengths while improving on areas of need. We are also big fans of data and accurately defining objectives to get a positive rate of success. We work with many personalities and build each intervention to suit the needs of each individual and family.

Subscriptions are on an ongoing basis with new curriculum updated throughout the year. For coaching / consulting, you can receive coaching weekly, 2x a month (preferred option), or monthly. This gives you flexibility to choose a blend of options that works well for you.

You are free to modify your subscriptions with 30 days’ notice. We also can make custom packages if you have a special circumstance. We love the uniqueness of an individual or situation, and our customized plans aim to keep authenticity while providing service.

Instead of assessments, we like to call them “Discoveries”. Filling out any paperwork can be a burdensome chore, but it pays big dividends. The initial paperwork helps to understand the situation on multiple levels, so the treatment is accurate to your specific needs. Baseline data makes a great starting point to identify potential strengths and weaknesses for your child and family. Discoveries also offers you the opportunity to reflect and examine in objective measures how much growth has been made.

We do not have homework, just simple objectives for you to learn which most are fun and improve the connection between you and your child. You have two options in levels of objectives depending on your preference. Learning objectives is crucial to gain the knowledge needed to maintain home interventions. The practice helps you understand the concept or if you could benefit from additional help. The more you understand the basic principles, the more effective you will be in helping your child grow in your already loving environment.

Most things we learn take time, but we are efficient as possible to maximize our programming with your precious time. If you have any issues, reach out and we would be happy to find a suitable solution. If you are unhappy for any reason, you can give a 30-day notice to end the subscription. You will all paperwork and data during your time in our coaching program. We encourage all parents to give program 90 days to see positive benefits that lasts long term.

We do not accept insurance. We are private pay only, but you can pay via PayPal or similar payment method. After paperwork is complete, we will setup your payment structure.

Behavior analysis is a natural science that seeks to understand the behavior of individuals. Behavior analyst study how biological, pharmacological, and environmental factors influence the behavior of people. We take a baseline measure to create an intervention plan, capture data, test plan for effectiveness, and reward successful implementation of plan.

Six Sigma is a disciplined, statistical-based, data-driven approach with continuous improvement method for eliminating defects in a product, process, or service. This method aids in choosing any process and seeks to optimize while safely removing errors in any system. This process encourages us to customize products specifically for your needs in the most efficient way, which saves time, money, and frustration.

Coaching is a thought partner that helps provide perspective on how to make internal changes. Coaching helps a person work on specific skills and goals to achieve measurable results while providing positive and honest feedback. A coach keeps you accountable and celebrates in your successes and guides a person to find their answers. The best answers about your life you will ever receive will come directly from inside you. We will provide a proper system so you can upgrade your growth improvement plan with attainable and sustainable goals.